I am a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at Northwestern University and a Research Fellow at Sexual Minorities Uganda in Kampala, Uganda. In Kampala I am completing an ethnographic study on the daily lives of kuchus (LGBT) persons and have published and presented several papers on the topic.

In my research I explore the intersections of identity, queer theory, and transnationalism, with a geographic focus on Uganda. I am interested in incorporating art, design and filmmaking in my ethnographic methodology and my first exhibits (with Keith King) documented the daily lives of trans* Ugandans. I blog on topics related to my research and social justice, which has also appeared in Sexuality Policy Watch, Citizen Rights Watch, Mail & Guardian South Africa, and elsewhereI am an alum of the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship (Swahili ’18) and a graduate of North Carolina State University (Africana Studies ’18) where I was both a Park Scholar and Caldwell Fellow.

Lets get in touch!

Email: abryan@u.northwestern.edu 

Twitter: @austindbryan