“Because many of us are sex workers”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015).


“I identify myself as a trans woman. I feel myself to be a lady. It’s me I can’t change.  I’m proud to be what I am. And I’m special.”

“At the moment I’m not schooling. I was expelled from school – they found me kissing, romancing another student in the dormitory. He was a boy.”

“They called my parents. My parents got to know that I was gay. Because for them they don’t know trans issues. Many of us we are classified as a gay. So from there I never went back to school but I had my talent of dancing. So schools used to call me to train their students in dancing stuff.”

“I like coming here – it’s like a home to meet my friends, just chat with friends about our life. I’m free when I’m here. We always come and chat about our life.”

“Because many of us are sex workers. So we always talk about our issues. We say, ‘how did you find this man?’ ‘yesterday did you get a client?’ such stuff. We connect — and can help each other find a client.”


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