“A lot of things happened in prison”

We were still sleeping — it was approaching 6:30am. The landlord said ‘you people get ready for what’s coming.’ we heard people screaming outside. We opened the door and the chairmen, journalists, police, and people from around were there. They said ‘get out!’ ‘remove all your things!’ ‘We wont tolerate gay people in our area.’


“So that day she decided to make me leave”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). I interviewed ███  at Ice Breakers Uganda — a safe space for kuchus to organize, work, and socialize. Often when I visit the compound there are10-12 young people sitting around the living room in the house. ███ identifies as a lesbian. She told me, “Ice Breakers Uganda is one of … Continue reading “So that day she decided to make me leave”

“It’s just the way I am”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). I asked if she was ever worried about people recognizing her here. I moved to this side because there are no newspapers on this side. Most people don’t read newspapers here. They can't read because of the illiteracy. So they don’t really know me. — Okay, but some know. But … Continue reading “It’s just the way I am”

My first night at a sometimes kuchu bar

But before I left the compound I told ██████ that I was going out for observations. She reacted with “I know that place. It's for the homosexuals. They go boy-boy and girl-girl.” She also (jokingly) suggested I go “boy-boy” to fit in.