“And That’s How I Survived Being Killed”

Today was the publication of, "And That's How I Survived Being Killed": Testimonies of Human Rights Abuses From Uganda's Sexual and Gender Minorities by Sexual Minorities Uganda. Finally seeing it in print was such an amazing experience. The report includes testimonies from interviews of selected cases from the 264  documented cases of human rights abuses toward … Continue reading “And That’s How I Survived Being Killed”


“Because many of us are sex workers”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). "I identify myself as a trans woman. I feel myself to be a lady. It's me I can't change.  I'm proud to be what I am. And I'm special." "At the moment I'm not schooling. I was expelled from school - they found me kissing, romancing another student in the … Continue reading “Because many of us are sex workers”

“If you have that manly aspect”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). She looks shocked at what I asked. “Well of course. Because it’s easier for women to be accepted as lesbian because people think its just a phase.” “See even when you club it’s easier for a trans man to be beaten than for a woman. If you have that manly … Continue reading “If you have that manly aspect”

Independence day

Uganda gained its freedom 53 years ago today. But the fight for freedom continues for LGBTQ Ugandans. No one is free until we are all free. I did a photostory with Keith for Queer Collective - to capture the feeling that many are having within the kuchu community on this day.  

“I’m me. I’m a trans. I’m Rihanna now.”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). “Being a trans its not something you manipulate. It’s just something that comes from you. It is just something that is inborn in you. But putting on a dress and moving all over the town — it makes me feel good — it makes me feel like I’m bringing all … Continue reading “I’m me. I’m a trans. I’m Rihanna now.”

“So that day she decided to make me leave”

From my fieldnotes (Kampala, 2015). I interviewed ███  at Ice Breakers Uganda — a safe space for kuchus to organize, work, and socialize. Often when I visit the compound there are10-12 young people sitting around the living room in the house. ███ identifies as a lesbian. She told me, “Ice Breakers Uganda is one of … Continue reading “So that day she decided to make me leave”